Body shop skin care

I recently popped into the body shop to have a look some new skincare products as I completely ran out when away travelling.

I asked the shop assistant to help me find a cleanser and a moisturiser which was not too harsh on my skin. She recommended the aloe range which has no scent and is meant to be very gentle.

I will start with the cleanser. I chose the milk cleanser because I find it less drying for my skin as sometimes my skin does get dry patches. I love it, it is so moisturising and really works to remove all the make up and dirt. It makes your face look clean.

I got both the day and night moisturisers because it turned out to be three for two. The day moisturiser is not too greasy but gives a good level of moisture. It’s really nice to apply and soaks in quickly. The night cream is much heavier but I like the bit of extra moisture at night. It does feel greasier on the face and makes you more shiny but again I don’t mind because I’m just going to bed after I put it on.

I also purchased the Black Orchid shower gel and perfume as these were also on offer. I fell in love with the smell at an airport on my travels and I knew I just had to get something from the range when I came back. The shower gel lathers so easily and smells just amazing and the thing I love about it is that once you get out the shower you can still smell the fragrance lingering on your skin. The perfume lasts all day, it’s probably one of the best perfumes I’ve ever had. And the smell is incredible.

This is my first proper trip to buy a range of products from the body shop and I was so pleasantly surprised. I’ve become a lot more conscious about where my products are coming from and I know the body shop doesn’t agree with testing on animals which is a huge bonus in my eyes. I think it’s definitely going to be my new shop of choice for my skincare. I’m interested in trying out their make up range aswell. If anyone has tried any other body shop products let me know.