Taking Things for Granted

After being away for so long, when you come home there are so many home comforts that you realise you take for granted. Its the smallest things that often you miss the most like being able to light a candle or taking a hot shower. The biggest thing for me was the ability to cook my own food, I was dying to cook when I came home! Today I thought I would write a list for everything that I am grateful for.

  • Different groups of friends who I can share different aspects of my life with
  • Central heating
  • Employment because without that I would be super skint
  • Having spent this year grasping opportunities with both hands
  • Motivation and determination to achieve
  • A clear head, full of positivity and happiness
  • Efficient transport links because life is 50000x easier with efficiency
  • Family
  • Minimal rain
  • Sleeping in my own bed with a hot water bottle
  • Independence for me to do as I please

There are hundreds of things I could write on this list because I think I’ve got everything I need in life and more. Take a moment to think about all the things which we don’t even consider on a daily basis and let me know what you are grateful for today.



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