Tips for travellers

I’ve been on the road for almost three and a half months now so I thought it would be a good time to share some of my top travelling tips.

1. Make sure you have music or podcasts downloaded on your phone to make those long journeys more manageable.

2. When packing have separate plastic bags for each genre of clothing I.e. tops in one small bag, underwear in another etc. It means that you know where everything is.

3. Nick the blanket off the plane on your way to your first destination because it is a lifesaver on buses and even in some hostels which don’t provide blankets.

4. Budget more than what you are going to spend because inevitably plans change and sometimes this involves cost.

5. Always barter. You can always get the prices of pretty much anything down whether it’s taxis, tours or street markets. Never settle for the price you are told.

6. Sometimes you just need time to chill. Travelling can get really tiring because you move from place to place a lot. Make sure you give yourself time to relax and do nothing.

7. Bring a home comfort with you whether that’s a face mask, crossword puzzle or anything which makes you feel more like you. I lived for those little home comforts if I was having a down day.

8. It won’t always be sunny and hot. Bring a waterproof and a jumper. You’ll need it.

9. Unless you can sleep through anything, an eye mask and ear plugs are essential. Dorms can get really noisy at any time of the day or night.

10. Eat street food. Some people worry that street food is unhygienic but it is tastes amazing and is super cheap. I never got ill once after eating street food.

All in all I never had any real issues whilst travelling, there was a few slight mishaps but that was to be expected. I hope if any of you are thinking of going travelling my advice will be useful to you!