Best of Bali food

If you ever come to Bali be prepared for an overwhelming choice of food in the most aesthetically pleasing venues. You will eat like a queen.


Eco Garden

This was literally the first place we came across after arriving because we were just so hungry. It looked nice and the menu was dirt cheap.

I got a big bowl of veg with a sort of cheese sauce and it was just perfect. I have been feeling a bit fatigued recently, probably because of the lack of vegetables and this sorted me out.

We liked this place so much that we decided to come back for dinner on another night. There was a range of Italian and Mexican food and so I opted for Tacos. It didn’t disappoint.

Good for: if you are wanting something substantial on a cheaper budget.

Two trees

The design in this place was so minimalist but so pleasing to the eye – white painted brickwork with yellow pops of colour in the decor.

The food was so good. I got the vegan pancakes which looked quite small but were particularly filling. The pancakes were topped with sweet potato ice cream, which was surprisingly delicious. It is on the pricey side though.

Good for: a really chilled out Sunday morning breakfast whilst watching the world go by.


It was here that I had my first smoothie bowl of Bali. It was HUGE and I was struggling to finish it. The granola especially was delicious.

I felt so healthy after eating this although it didn’t keep me full for that long. That could have been due to having done an exhausting surfing lesson the day before and needing those calories.

Good for: a health kick.


Black Beach Italian Restaurant

After all the healthy food all I wanted was a pizza. So the day I arrived in Ubud I went searching and found a very reasonably priced Italian restaurant. Ordering pizza always gives me the fear in case it is tiny but this one was massive.

I actually forgot to take a photo because I was that hungry but mark my words it was delicious. I got the mozzarella and chilli oil one and it was so yummy. Wish I could eat it all over again.

Both me and Caroline ended up getting really sick for a couple of days in Ubud so unfortunately we didn’t experience any other restaurants.

Good for: cheap, delicious food.



Post illness we came here for something comforting that wasn’t too much food and wasn’t too out there with flavours. They don’t have much veggie food but they did have nachos which is what I needed at that exact moment in time.

They had really good drinks offers on but that was taking it a step too far so I stuck to the nachos. They were really good and just the perfect thing for my stomach.

Good for: meat and fish eaters.

KYND community

We went here for my birthday breakfast and it was so good. It was the first proper meal I’d been able to eat since being ill. I ordered the beetroot latte and the waffles. I would recommend going early as it fills up very early and the wait for a table can be long.

It’s not too expensive but definitely on the pricer side but it is worth it. They even wrote happy birthday on my plate.

Good for: something special.

La plancha

This is beach bar/restaurant and it’s so good. We went here four times. Inside the restaurant is really cute and has treehouse vibes whereas at 4pm they open the outdoor seating which is basically loads of beanbags on the sand with umbrellas. The outside area is so good to watch the sunset, listen to the good music and eat and drink the night away.

The drinks were so delicious and not badly priced at all, same with the food. They have the most delicious veggie burger I’ve had since coming away and I’ve had it three days in a row.

Good for: watching the sunset and listening to good tunes.

Gelato factory

For the best ice cream in Seminyak look no further. I went everyday I was in Seminyak. The ice cream is so nice and the flavours change daily.

Good for: a delicious treat.

Motel Mexicola

If you choose one place to splash out in Bali it has to be here. The food is unreal, like hands down best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten. It turns into a bar in the evening and it’s such a good night. The music is amazing, people dance on the tables, tequila gets free poured and it’s all round brilliant. The cocktails are so delicious aswell.

Good for: a fantastic all round eating and drinking experience.

Uma Kopi

I went for a small snack here but ended up finding such a bargain deal. A coffee and either a bagel or pancakes for 50,000 which is insanely cheap. The bagel was so good, so nice to eat fresh veg. Pretty sure I almost had an entire avocado in that bagel.

Good for: a cheap snack.

Cafe Bali

This is such a good breakfast place. I went numerous times for the ‘Super Bowl’ which was granola with chia seeds and açai berries, milk, yogurt, fruit and honey.

The decor in the place is really cute with loads of fresh flowers around the restaurant. It’s really cheap and the breakfast kept me going all night.

Good for: a healthy, filling breakfast.

There are hundreds of eating places which look amazing in Bali. You spend all day every day eating on instagram worthy places. However this will cost you an arm and a leg. But it is nice to treat yourself, particularly when you’ve been living on rice and veg for the last couple of months.