48 hours in Singapore

I was in Singapore for such a short period of time but managed to cover so much! I stayed at The Inncrowd Backpackers which was good and in a perfect location right next to the tube.

The hostel ran 5 hour long scooter tours of the city. They only run them on certain days and they are really popular so make sure and sign up early if you want to join. It is literally like a microscooter and you get taken around all the main attractions and stop to see both the Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay light shows in the evening. It’s really good if you have limited time.

Another thing of note is the botanical gardens. These are free to get in and you could wander around all day. We came specifically for the Orchid Garden which was $5 to get it but so worth it. Such beautiful, beautiful plant arrangements. I love orchids so it was heaven for me.

And of course no visit to Singapore would be complete without visiting the Friends cafe! This was so cool. Because we had walked so much that day we needed to sit down so when we saw that the cafe played friends episodes back to back on repeat we were sold.

Apart from those main things we basically spent the rest of the time eating (classic) and wandering. Our two fav things to do.

The noticeable things about Singapore are firstly how efficient everything is from immigration at the airport to the tube system it all works well. Secondly how clean everything is! A welcome change from most other cities that we have visited this trip!

Singapore is such a cool place. Everyone warned me about the humidity before I went but I didn’t find it humid at all. Maybe it’s cause we had it so bad in Hong Kong. Definitely one to visit in the future.