Cameron Highlands

Malaysia just never disappoints. Cameron highlands was the last place in Malaysia we visited which I was incredibly sad about because I just wanted to stay travelling around Malaysia forever.

Cameron Highlands is more of a nature, hilly, hiking area than the other places we have visited. The temperature was much colder (by colder I mean 22 degrees Celsius) but it was so refreshing. I loved being able to wander around without being sweaty and downing litres of water. I loved being able to wear a fleece and not wake up in the middle of the night so hot that I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I loved watching TV in the evenings under my blanket.

The hostel we stayed at called CH travellers inn was brilliant. The owner was the nicest man who would go out of his way to cater to your every need. His little boy Sam was so cute aswell.

We only really had two full days but we made the most of it. The main two things we did was strawberry picking and visiting a tea plantation. Oh and plenty of walking.

The Big Red Strawberry farm

We chose this particular farm because the reviews online looked decent and we had rented a scooter so were free to go where we pleased.

On arrival it looked super busy but actually although the garden centre and cafe were busy the strawberry picking was dead. Lucky for us that meant we had our pick of the bunch.

The garden centre area was dead cute. It was huge and had so many cacti, I was in heaven. If I didn’t have to leave I would have picked up at least half a dozen cacti for my room.

The strawberry picking itself was fairly expensive although it was on par or cheaper than the other farms in the area. We both really wanted to do it though and it was well worth the money as for half a kg you got a lot of strawberries. There is something so nice about wandering around hunting for the shiniest, reddish, biggest strawberries and the satisfaction once you find it.

After we finished the picking we went to the cafe where we ordered two rather large waffles. And actually the cafe was really cheap which was a nice surprise.

Bharat tea plantation

It was really hard to choose which tea plantation to go to because like with the strawberry farms there are so many. We decided on Bharat and I’m so glad we did because the tea and the views were outstanding.

There was a path you could wander down into the first section of the tea plants but for us the view was substantially better at the window seats of the cafe. We got a pot of tea to share which was expensive but it was a one off.

The tea plantation went for miles, as far as the eye could see. You could see the workers picking the leaves all over the plantation.

The tea was so good that I had to go to the gift shop afterwards to pick up two boxes of the loose leaf tea to take home with me.

The Cameron Highlands was brill. We ate great food at a really cheap price, ate our much deserved strawberries and I even found scones at a cafe round the corner from our hostel.

One word to describe that place: fantastic!