25 lessons in 25 years

I’m 25 which is the exact middle of your 20s, halfway to 50 and let’s be serious over a quarter of your life has gone. BUT I try not to think about the above facts, age is just a number after all. Here are the life lessons which I have learnt so far:

1. You are never too old to learn. Not learning = severe boredom.

2. Tea is the best beverage of all time.

3. Time heals everything.

4. Don’t care what people think of you. You are you.

5. Unfortunately parents tend to be right most of the time.

6. Exercising, sleeping, socialising and eating are essential.

7. High street stores are overpriced.

8. Experiencing and immersing yourself in other cultures is important for self-growth and awareness.

9. When you look as young as I do people still think you are a teenager. And it’s great.

10. Nobody has any idea what they are doing with their lives so it’s fine if you don’t either.

11. Making time for yourself and your hobbies/interests is the key to being content.

12. Block out negative people from your life. They aren’t worth it.

13. Writing a diary keeps memories alive.

14. Sometimes friendships aren’t worth saving.

15. Always be silly.

16. Make time for your friends.

17. If you have a problem, talk about it.

18. Animals are equal to humans.

19. Always say yes to trying new things. You never know what might happen.

20. Let your imagination run wild. Find a creative outlet for it.

21. Choosing what to eat when you don’t know what you want never gets easier.

22. Converse with strangers. You never know what interesting things you may find out.

23. Learn from your mistakes. And try not to repeat them.

24. Realise that you are capable of achieving anything your heart wants (with determination and hard work). Follow your dreams.

25. Bridget Jones is the best movie of all time.


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