Ko Lanta

Being on the move all the time is very tiring so spending 3 full days in the one place was a well needed respite.


It was very very wet the entire day so whilst waiting for the rain to calm down I did some French on Duolingo and read. Cabin fever kicked in and we had to get out of the hostel for a walk and some food. I did quite enjoy a quiet day of sitting hearing the rain patter on the roof, cool temperatures and chilling out.


This was suuuuch a nice day. We went for a big long walk along the beach. Because it is low season here the beaches were dead so we found a little secluded beach to relax for a couple of hours. I loved watching the crustaceans migrating along the shore as the tide went out, crab watching in the rock pools and making friends with a dog that was roaming around on the sand.

Caroline taught me how to do a proper cartwheel and hand stand as I am incapable of doing either so I practiced on the beach. I’m counting that as a fair amount of exercise considering the severe lack in the last couple months.


We booked onto an island hopping tour which visited four islands for our last full day. It was 1000 baht and included transfer from the hostel to the pier, lunch and snorkelling.

Unfortunately the water wasn’t very clear for snorkelling so it was difficult to see anything which was a bit disappointing but I did see a couple of fish amongst the rocks so can’t complain. The lunch was a proper feast of rice and veg followed by fruit for us vegetarians and a big buffet for the carnivores.

It was such a great day and I loved being driven around in the speed boat with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face…albeit a bit too much sun considering the sunburn levels later on that evening!