If you want to chill, Cintsa is highly recommended. I stayed at Bohemian backpackers hostel which had numerous activities including surfing, helping at a soup kitchen, free volleyball and wine everyday day and BBQs. Or if you didn’t want to do anything there was loads of places that you could sit and relax.

The beaches were beautiful, teeming with surfers and dogs running wild. Since my volunteering program I have become a naturally early riser, 6am and my eyes will ping open ready for the day ahead. This has its advantages as I was able to watch the sunsets on our balcony which were absolutely stunning.

We really just came to Cintsa for a bit of respite, to catch up on sleep and have time at the beach. The weather wasn’t too great so beach time was limited to the first day.

One of the gems we found here was at the top of the road, about twenty minutes walk from the hostel. It was called Tea in the Trees and it’s probably THE cutest coffee shop I’ve ever been to. It had loads of yummy cakes and drinks in a large thatched hut surrounded by trees. The place had loads of friendly dogs who wanted cuddles so that had me sold before I had even tried my brownie or lemon tea (but I can confirm both were delicious).

On the way from Cintsa to Durban I had one experience I will never forget. After feeling rather peckish I decided a Debonaires pizza was in order and although this was not in my budget I thought it was well worth it.

So I took this unreal smelling vegetarian pizza back onto the bus and bit into it before realising that there was chicken on it. This was absolutely devastating for me and genuinely thought I was going to be sick. I suppose that was karma for my greediness. I’ve learnt my lesson.