Port Elizabeth

I just want to start by saying that my experience with Port Elizabeth was so mixed. On one hand the activities that Caroline and I did were great but I wasn’t keen on the vibe there and also I was accosted at an ATM so it did put a downer on this city for me. On the positive side I suppose it showed me to be more vigilant.

DAY ONE: St George’s Park and Richmond Hill

We couldn’t find much that we wanted to do in Port Elizabeth. It was a nice day so we packed a picnic and sat in St George’s Park in front of the Victorian Glasshouse. We chilled here for most of the day, reading, sunbathing, listening to podcasts, editing the vlogs from the previous cities and eating. Port Elizabeth is an incredibly windy city as we had been told but I wasn’t expecting exactly how windy.

We left once all the food was eaten in search of a loo. Luckily we stumbled across an art gallery just beside the park and we went into the Nelson Mandela exhibition which turned out to be very informative so thank goodness we needed to pee.

We then walked to an area called Richmond Hill which is meant to be ‘hip’ with loads of cool eating places.

We base our travels around food basically so we had already looked up all of the menus and decided where we wanted to go. The area was quite cool, it reminded me of suburban east coast America slightly. We went to a restaurant called Muse which was on a new level of deliciousness. I had the lentil meatball pizza washed down with a glass of Merlot. And for desert we shared a brownie. I think my favourite eating place that we visited in South Africa.

DAY TWO: Addo Elephant Park

This was a day of fulfilled dreams and saddening despair. We hired a car and drove to the Addo elephant park which took us about half an hour to get to. We saw so many animals including warthogs, zebras, an array of birds, many deer like animals, buffalo and the star of the show was the elephant.

Elephants have always been my favourite animals, joint with dogs of course. Seeing them in their natural habit was something I’d only ever dreamt about and it was such a magical experience. I honestly could have watched them for days.

The elephants were showering each other, playing, bathing and cuddling. Such sociable, caring animals and it’s made me love them so much more.

After we reached Port Elizabeth on the way home I stopped at the petrol garage to fill up. The card machine was broken so I had to get out the car to get to the ATM and which point I was followed. After putting my card in a man started pressing buttons and pushing me out of the way. I was frantically pressing cancel on the machine because I didn’t know what he had done and so I think because there was so many buttons being pressed the machine swallowed my card. The man ran off and then I was left unable to lay my petrol bill and so had to reason with the staff to let me go back to drop the car back and then come pay the bill. Eventually they let me give them the money I had and to come back later to pay the rest. It was just a massive palaver all round. So a bit of a crap ending to a wonderful day.

Port Elizabeth was okay, I didn’t feel like the atmosphere was anything special and didn’t think there was much to do. I don’t think I would go back but I am glad I went.


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  1. hellos. i’m from Port Elizabeth, I like this post because it is honest and i can agree there is not much to do here, but there are nice places. seeing your pictures, seems like you had a nice/okay visit.


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