Mossel Bay

What a difference to the hustle and bustle of Cape Town. Mossel Bay is a perfect chill destination, so serene. Again it was a fleeting visit having only one full day and two half days.

DAY ONE: explore!

Arriving at lunchtime we had most of the day to explore. We chose to pack our lunchboxes full of rice and veg and head along to the costal path. The walk was only about 3km but it was beautiful.

We sat and watched fisherman on the rocks searching for their dinner, families on the beach and scuba divers in the bay. After wolfing down lunch we walked to the ice cream stand and got ourself a huge ice cream topped with a flake and sprinkles. At sunset we went to the harbour to watch the sun go down and look at the various bars and restaurants along the seafront.

After dinner we grabbed a bottle of South Africans finest wine and played a game of pool and darts with some of the boys staying in the hostel.

DAY TWO: beach day and cocktails

Waking up to 33 degree heat was luxurious, particularly when the beach is 5 minutes away. Until about 3pm we just lay on the beach like lizards basking in the sun, soaking up that vitamin D.

The thing I love about Mossel Bay was the mountains in the distance which just made the beach that little bit more picturesque.

After eventually getting our fair share of sun we headed for a walk around the coast again in search of ice cream.

We found ice cream and then headed back as there was a storm brewing. We actually saw seals playing in the waves on the way back which was super cute. After going back to the hostel we scoffed down some pasta before headed for some cocktails at a little hidden bar opposite the hostel.

DAY THREE: food, food and more food

Our bus to Port Elizabeth wasn’t coming until after 2 so we were able to enjoy the morning by eating. We had come across a cute coffee shop at the top of a hill which was in an old barn and full of all sorts of random, quirky things called Blue Shed. If you ever find yourself in Mossel Bay, go here.

After sitting and taking in the cool vibe of the place we decided it was time to move on. Next stop was Carole Ann’s, a cafe beside the hostel whose menu we had been drooling over since we arrived.

I ordered the vegan breakfast which was fully loaded with veg which is exactly what I needed. After consuming that in record time, I also decided I needed more veg in smoothie form so I got the green smoothie. After this it was time to head back to the hostel and wait for the bus to take us seven hours to Port Elizabeth.