NYC Baby

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen that I’ve been in New York the last couple of days. I decided to splash out and buy my sister a trip to NYC for her birthday. She’s never been to America and has always wanted to go to New York so it seemed like a fitting present, and it was her 21st after all.


We set off on the 2nd November. After a hefty long flight jetlag was very real so by the time we got to our hotel in Midtown, around 1am NY time, we were annoyed to be told our booking had been cancelled by the hotel without notifying me at all. It finally all got sorted and we crashed as soon as we got to the room. Typically we woke up at 6am so just got up and ready for the day. We had breakfast in a little cafe in Soho before we walked down to the 9/11 memorial and museum. We didn’t go into the museum but the moment was so beautiful. Next stop was Brookyln bridge. The first day we were there it was boiling hot, well for November at least so walking across the bridge felt like the middle of summer.

We got the subway along to Williamsburg and found the rainbow bagel shop which I had seen all over instagram. It was unreal, I was in heaven. We got a tube to washington square park and sat and watched the world go by with a juice. After this we headed back to the hotel to chill before the evening. Our hotel had a rooftop terrace and because it was so warm we were able to relax outside for an hour or so.

We walked into times square to have a nosey around and find somewhere for dinner. Times square was mayhem but pretty cool at the same time. We found a place for dinner which was super cheap with huge portions. I had the chilli and rice and Megan got some sort of thai green curry. After wandering around all day we decided to go for a crepe and head back to the hotel.


We woke up ridiculously early yet again, got ready and then headed to Top of the Rock which we had bought tickets for. Lucky for us it was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky so we could see for miles. After spending a fairly long amount of time here we decided to go to for breakfast at Friedman’s in Chelsea which is a special gluten free place. Megan got the waffles with fried chicken and honey and I got the mushrooms on toast. Although the service was pretty chaotic, the food was excellent. After we had eaten we walked along the Chelsea highline then went to the Chelsea market for a browse. Unfortunately whilst we were there Megan lost her Rayban sunglasses which wasn’t great.

After we had explored Chelsea we walked around the area and then into West Village where we had dinner at Wild which is another Gluten free restaurant which serves amazing pizzas! Again the service was pretty terrible and there was a long wait for food but once the food made an appearance it was incredible. After this we went to Times Square to get discounted tickets from the TKTS booth for a broadway show. We decided on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening and went for a drink before we went to the show. The show was brilliant.


The NYC marathon was on so we went up to central park to see if we could spot any marathon runners. We walked around central park, stopping every so often to check in with the marathon. By complete chance we saw the four lead runners of the race, and they were going at some pace! Ending up at the MET steps we had to get a picture where Blair Waldorf sits for lunch in Gossip Girl. Whole Foods was the food destination of the day and as usual I spent a million dollars because my eyes are bigger than my stomach. It was a pretty dreary day so we really wanted to get warmed up with a hot chocolate and whilst we were roaming about on the Upper East Side we came across Serendipity 3 which served the most insane hot (and cold) chocolates. We sat and warmed ourselves here until we needed to leave to collect our bag from the hotel. We had to absolutely sprint for the bus to the airport which was difficult due to the bus station being right in Times Square but we made it! Me and Megan both have a severe time management issue. 

It was sad to leave because NY is such a cool city with so much going on. I’ll definitely be going back soon, I really need one of those bagels back in my life.