When your wondering where would be great place to go on holiday with friends when you are in your 20s that is cheap, in the UK and easy to get to, what better place to go than Blackpool. Blackpool has a reputation as being a bit of a dump (to put it nicely) and I didn’t have great expectations when we booked it. I’m not going to try and defend Blackpool’s reputation here however it was a LOT better than what I thought it would be. The beaches in particular are really pretty, and there are cute donkeys!




I mean once you have accepted the fact that there you will be surrounded by amusements and a thousand seagulls, then its pretty good fun. I spent a lot of money on this trip mainly because I get addicted to slot machines but if you have the willpower that I don’t, it would be so cheap – I mean we found a pub which serves a free meal with a drink, could you get any better?