Tuesday Bake Off

So after receiving some fantastic news about my Masters results I thought a celebratory bakathon was in order. I never really bake properly unless I am at home so luck had it that I was at home when I received the news. I decided upon Macarons and turmeric antioxidant bites (which wasn’t really baking as they were so simple).

Firstly I made the macarons which were actually surprisingly uncomplicated. I followed the BBC recipe which tasted brilliant. I had a macarons mould which held about 25 but because I had so much mixture I had some freehand ones aswell. The freehand ones were massive (as you can tell by the picture). I didn’t make the filling used in the BBC recipe, instead I just made some raspberry butter icing for the middle. I don’t know why I have been so scared to make macarons before but at least thats one fear conquered.

The turmeric balls were literally the easiest thing ever to made and took about 5 seconds. I used a recipe which was in The Simple Things magazine October edition. I basically mixed turmeric, honey and ground almonds together then made chickpea sized balls with the mixture, coated them in ground almonds and left in the fridge. You are meant to take 1-2 per day. I wanted to make these because my skin has been so dry of late and apparently turmeric does wonders to the skin so we will see.


The macarons and the turmeric bites were both washed down with a cup of tea after a nice crisp autumnal dog walk. What a brill day off work.