Top Bloggers

Before I begin, have you all checked out my interview with #GRLPOWR?? If not click the link!!

Okay so this week I thought I would discuss my current favourite blogs. I spend a lot of time reading blogs which some may think is boring but I love finding outfit inspiration or just seeing what people are up to (probably because I am so nosy).

  • Cider with Rosie. She runs a lifestyle blog which features lots of pictures of her little baby. I love the photography, the photos look incredibly natural.
  • Hannah Maggs. Hannah is both a lifestyle blogger and youtuber and I love both of her platforms. Hannah’s use of language is so descriptive.
  • Estee LaLonde. Estees blog is brilliant. It contains beauty, fashion and other random content. I really like the design of this blog.
  • Hello Giggles. This blog has so much random articles on pretty much anything you can think of including interviews etc. Its really interesting and you will stumble across some quite amusing articles.
  • Samantha Maria. Again she is one of the Youtubers that I watch but her blog is fab. Primarily it is a fashion and beauty blog however Samantha does upload lifestyle and travel articles aswell.

10 Things that have made me happy this week

These days I’ve struggled to keep up with writing blog posts, probably obviously to my readers. I think/know it is because I’ve had a big life upheaval and have just started working loads and loads leaving me with very little free time. The free time I do have is spent sleeping or watching TV so I’ve not had a great deal to blog about. However, I think that as I slowly begin to get used to my current situation the blog should begin to get back to normal!


  1. Going for afternoon tea at the Signet library for mums birthday which was so nice! The amount of food was unreal, I had to take most of my desert cakes home because I just couldn’t eat anything else.
  2. Tribe yoga because it makes me feel relaxed and depending on what class you do, it is an actual workout.
  3. Clothes shopping because how could clothes shopping not make you feel great.
  4. Being able to walk two and from work in fifteen minutes. I really like walking home after work to clear your head.
  5. Alfie (my dog) recovering well after his tooth extraction operation.
  6. Sleeping like a log every night and waking up refreshed.
  7. Getting my new pre-ordered cook book finally through the post! It is ‘Feed Me Vegan’ by Lucy Watson and the recipes look so yummy, can’t wait to start cooking.
  8. Knowing that I am going to enjoy my new job and that the people I am working with are really nice.
  9. Getting back into reading starting with ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’. Because I have not read in about a month and Bridget Jones is life.
  10. That autumn feeling when its cold outside but dry and crisp.

Edinburgh Fringe Reviews

I was meaning to write this blog post whilst the Fringe was still on, however things came up and I was so busy that I had to put the blog on pause for a couple of weeks so I do apologise for this. But anyways lets crack on…


The Edinburgh Fringe is one of the best things about Edinburgh. If you haven’t been and you are into comedy or theatre definitely give it a try. There is mountains of shows to choose from its way to get bogged down in it all. So I thought I would include a list of shows that I have been to  incase anyone in Edinburgh is needing some inspiration or recommendation.


Nina Conti: Probably my favourite show that I saw. She is a improvising ventriloquist, has a pet monkey and creates hilarious stories with members of the audience who she brings on stage and gives them funny masks to put on. It was such a laugh and definitely someone who I would go and see again.

Tom Allen: For quite a famous comedian his venue was surprisingly small but it was jam packed. His sketch was really funny, he really plays on his campness and as an act it works really well.

Whose line is it anyways: This was basically the exact same as the improvised TV show. I did’t actually find this overly funny which was disappointing. I love watching the TV series but I just wasn’t keen on it. Not sure I would go again.

Ladyboys of Bangkok: If you haven’t been to Ladyboys then you are missing out. I’ve been so many times and wouldn’t dream of being in Edinburgh during the Fringe and not going. It’s just a night full of singing, dancing and amazing costumes. The songs are brilliant, the choreography is brilliant and the atmosphere is brilliant. If you want a really good show to go for pre-drinks for this is the one.

For Godley’s Sake: This was a free comedy show that I went to which was absolutely amazing. I was crying which laughter as was everyone else. Jane Godley was so talented and I loved how all the profits she made at the end of the show were going to the homeless. If you plan on attending her show then go early because it gets fully booked.

Milo McCabe: The Talented Mr Hawke: Now I stumbled upon this show by accident because we were just looking for a free show at this time when in town and this happened to be starting. It was a comedy act but I didn’t find it particularly funny however the jokes were very clever and well thought-out.

Showstoppers: Showstoppers is an improvised musical where the audience choose a location for the musical to be set as well as four musicals that the songs need to be like. It was entertaining and amazing that they could come up with something so seamlessly but I didn’t find it funny like everyone else seemed to.

Shit Faced Shakespeare: This was brilliant. It was a play of Romeo and Julliet but the twist is one of the cast members gets really drunk. The night I went it was Julliet that was drunk and it was just so funny. Pretty impressive that they managed to convey the list of the play whilst one of the main characters was hammered.

Colin Cloud: Dare: I was a bit apprehensive to go and see a magician because some of them can be really crap. I was pleasantly surprised though. It was so dramatic and at some points I actually felt so nervous. I definitely would go and see another magician next year.

Next year I think I am going to and try some more free shows. The shows are actually really expensive and they really do add up. I have been really skeptical in the past because I’ve seen so many terrible free shows but the free ones that I saw this year were either excellent or pretty good. So I should probably give them a chance.