House Warming Picnic

Last weekend my friend Hanah (hi Hanah, I know you are reading this) had a cute house warming picnic. Her and her fiancé have recently bought a new house on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Its so lovely and has this amazing decking area outside which is such a sun trap. It was on this deck that we had our picnic. The weather was a scorcher, so sunny and boiling hot.


There was mountains of food and drink. Unfortunately I was off the booze after having one too many and staying out too late the night before. But had I have been able I would have demolished the bottles of prosecco. I stuck with my water with lemon and mint, which was tasting unreal at that particular point in time. The food was incredible, so much variety and all so good. I had a very full plate and obviously had to go back for seconds. For desert there was cupcakes which were delish plus champagne truffles. To quote Carrie Bradshaw – I died and went to shoe food heaven.







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