House Warming Picnic

Last weekend my friend Hanah (hi Hanah, I know you are reading this) had a cute house warming picnic. Her and her fiancé have recently bought a new house on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Its so lovely and has this amazing decking area outside which is such a sun trap. It was on this deck that we had our picnic. The weather was a scorcher, so sunny and boiling hot.


There was mountains of food and drink. Unfortunately I was off the booze after having one too many and staying out too late the night before. But had I have been able I would have demolished the bottles of prosecco. I stuck with my water with lemon and mint, which was tasting unreal at that particular point in time. The food was incredible, so much variety and all so good. I had a very full plate and obviously had to go back for seconds. For desert there was cupcakes which were delish plus champagne truffles. To quote Carrie Bradshaw – I died and went to shoe food heaven.







Foodies Festival


The Edinburgh Fringe has well and truly started **cue swarms of tourists, alfresco bars and more leaflets being shoved in your face than you can even hold** and what better way to celebrate its beginning than going to a food festival in one of the many Edinburgh parks.



It was such a fun day out even though we were dealing with classic Scottish weather – torrential rain for 5 minutes then glorious sunshine for 5 minutes and so on. But we are Scottish, we deal with it.

There were hundreds of food trucks with all the food you could ever wants plus bars selling some delicious cocktails. There was also a section at the back which had stalls selling items that you could take home like cake, chutneys and there was also a pet stall. Obviously I had to buy my dog some doggy chocolate chip cookies and doggy prosecco.



For lunch we got burgers ft. a strawberry cocktail. And then a maltese brownie for desert.



It was a really fun, really relaxing day out. We stayed for about 6 hours, just relaxing, nattering away and drinking and eating copious amounts. It was lush. There was a live band who were playing some great tunes aswell.




TOP TIP #1: if you are going then bring a blanket or a rug or something to sit on because there is very limited seating. And theres nothing nicer than having a drink in the sun whilst sitting gone a picnic blanket.

TOP TIP #2: Wear sensible shoes. I for one wore sliders and it was the worst decision. there was mud EVERYWHERE.


10 things that have made me happy this week


I feel like this past week has been SO long but in a good way.

  1. Finally sitting my exam, allowing me to actually spend time with myself again in the evenings and weekends and not have to study alllllll the time which soul destroying.
  2. Catching up with podcasts, youtube videos and blogs. It has been SO long since I have been able to take the time to listen to my fav podcasts, watch my fav you tubers and read my fav blogs. On Sunday I literally just dedicated the entire day to that activity and it was absolutely lush. My absolute perfect way to recharge.
  3. Having a day off placement on Monday to study for my Tuesday exam. I spent the day revising in the sun accompanied by the fam and Alfie.
  4. Completed 15 weeks of placement only 5 MORE TO GO!! The final countdown is on.
  5. Holiday planning. Deciding where to go and what to do before booking flights.
  6. Being in Dundee, my old stomping ground, and catching up with all my old friends and visiting all my favourite places.
  7. Forgetting to bring up my make up to Dundee. This sounds like a weird one but my skin has had a good long break from make up now and its actually really nice at the moment which is very rare. The only thing thats annoying is I can’t cover the bags under my eyes with concealer. But oh well, I’ll take nice skin over covering the bags any day.
  8. Getting an interview for a new job in two weeks. So **fingers crossed** once placement is finished I will actually have a source of income.
  9. Having a good online shopping browse without actually spending any $$. Lots of stuff in my wish list baskets in case I happen to have any extra money in the near future (probably won’t but I’m hoping).
  10. Reading over my diary entries from the past year or so and being reminded of so many things I had forgotten about. Such good memories and so nice to have a way to remember everything.