Wimbledon 2017


A couple of weeks back I had the delight of finding out I had got Wimbledon tickets through the ballot I applied for last year. Not only was I excited about going to Wimbledon but I was also excited for an excuse to go and visit London – my all time favourite city in the UK. I got the train down on the Friday morning so I arrived by lunchtime and I left on Sunday afternoon so it was just a  flying visit but a lot was crammed into those 50 hours. Most of the activities, eating places, bars and shops I visited where in the Chelsea/Kensington area because that’s where I was staying.


On the morning of Wimbledon (after a longer lie than I had anticipated) I grabbed a quick on-the-go breakfast from the B Bagel Bakery Bar which was just OMG amazing and literally a 1 second walk from where I was staying. I got a granola yogurt pot with honey and a mozzarella and pesto bagel, never tasted a bagel as good in my life. Definitely recommend here for breakfast if you are in that area.

The weather was actually horrific when I got to Wimbledon which was really annoying as the rain was lashing. Henman Hill or Murray’s Mound as it’s apparently now called was mobbed, I made the mistake of wearing white jeans and didn’t bring a rug or anything to sit on so I was forced to stand in fear of getting a muddy arse (excuse my language) from the wet grass. The woman’s singles final started to play before our match began as they had cover on centre court and none on court 1 which I had tickets for.


After about 15-20 mins into the ladies game the rain had subsided and the sun was really trying to poke out. I took this opportunity to head to the gift shop and then for strawberries and cream. I bought a new mug and a hat. I’m in love with both.



I ordered four portions of strawberries and cream and it was delicious and really got me into the Wimbledon spirit. By the time I had done all this the matches at court 1 were kicking off.


I watched the under 18 girls singles final which was brilliant. Both girls were pretty evenly matched so it was quite nail biting and the atmosphere was brilliant.

To top off a wonderful day I went to Lotts bar in the Chelsea harbour and got myself a well-earned goblet of gin and tonic.


I love London so much and am DESPERATE to move there once I finish uni and am looking for a job. Everytime I visit I fall more and more in love with the city. Wimbledon was so much fun and actually way cheaper than I thought it was going to be once inside the grounds which was a pleasant surprise. I am definitely going to apply for tickets again this year in the ballot… fingers crossed I get tickets for a centre court final next year!