Meet Alfie

How do I even begin to introduce Alfie…

Alfie is the most beautiful dog in the entire word (I am slightly bias). He’s eight years old but still behaves in the same way as the day we got him. His full name is Alfie, however my sister and I have created many nicknames for him through the years such as Prince, Baby Alfred and Alfresco etc etc. He’s a lovely dark brown cocker spaniel with big hazelnut eyes (somehow they changed colour from green when he was a puppy). When he was younger he developed this huge mohican which was very blonde compared to the rest of his fur. But alas as he grew up the mohican vanished.

Alfie has the biggest personality of any animal I have ever met. If he’s happy, you will know about it. If he’s grumpy, you will know about it. If he wants to chase the birds, you will know about about and so on. He has a unique way of vocalising what he wants. Alfie doesn’t bark, instead he moans and groans via a grumbling noise or if he is happy he will purr like a cat.




Alfie loves going on walks, he is a very needy dog but his walks are the one time where he struts about feeling like a strong independent man. Although if he meets another dog then he lies down in the grass pretending to be invisible then, once the dog has passed he gets up, holds his head high and continues on like nothing has happened.




My favourite time to spend with Alfie is the evenings because after he has scoffed down his dinner he (sometimes) becomes calmer and will be fully available for cuddles. Sometimes he even falls asleep with his mouth slightly open and his tongue poking out his mouth and starts snoring.

Alfie just loves cuddles and is such a big softy. He would happily spend all day being carried about and sitting on your knee.


People may think I am crazy to dedicate an entire blog post about my dog and how much I love him but if you have a pet I feel like you will know where I’m coming from. Pets are adopted family, and you love them as family. And my family spoil him rotten.


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