Merry Christmas one and all


I love Christmas day more than any other during the year because I love spending time with family, sitting by the fire opening presents together, celebrating with a delicious turkey feast and the smell of mulled wine spreading through the house. I love the choice of films which are on the TV, the traditional christmas day walk and playing board games in the evening. And I love the family carol concert which we attend as a family on Christmas Eve.



The three words I would use to describe my Christmas day this year are; food, games and films. Much to my delight, Bridget Jones was on the TV in the evening and it was a great end to a wonderful day.




Sadly Christmas over for another year. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and have a happy New Year when it comes. See you in 2017.




A Christmassy Evening

Hanah Mac, one my bestest buds, hosted such a fantastic Christmas dinner night last Sunday night. It was the perfect cosy evening to get everyone fully submerged into the festive mentality with wonderful food, great chat and of course, Love Actually.


Everyone was assigned something to bring – I was on snacks and mulled wine. Hanah did some wonderful baking, all Christmas themed such as christmas tree brownies, christmas pudding crispy cakes, chocolate orange cookies, gingerbread cheesecake bites etc etc. You name it, she baked it. And it was all utterly delicious.



Not only that, but Hanah made a fantastic christmas dinner complete with pigs in blankets and stuffing, washed down with Champagne.


Both Hannah and Hanah came bearing gifts for everyone, a cute christmas bobble and a mug with our initial on it. I didn’t bring christmas presents because I’m a bad friend/have no money. Oops.




After being put into a food coma we retired to the couch surrounded by the delicious baking to watch Love Actually. The perfect end to a perfect evening, probably the best I’ve had in a long time.


Feeling Festive

On Sunday, my favourite day of the week, I met up with my cousins and uncle at Winter Wonderland. I hadn’t been in town in ages but it was so pretty especially when dusk fell and all the lights become so bright. We had a nice little walk around the market looking at the stalls before eating copious amount of food and of course, hot chocolate. One of the highlights for me was the unbelievable delicious sugar roasted almonds.






I was desperate to go to ice skating but I think i’ll save that until another day. The only negative was that everything was just so expensive but I guess that its kind of expected. Also check out these adorable rescue dogs that we found! So soft and fluffy!



I’ve been really wanting to change up my look recently starting with my hair because its been about a year since I’ve had it cute. Don’t judge.

I have been lusting after short hair recently but I wasn’t sure whether I would go through with it but… I did it! I also opted for some highlights which is also a new thing for me. I let the hairdresser choose the colours because I am a complete novice and I had no idea what I wanted. I literally just told her I want it to stay a light colour. I will post a before and after picture below, Its quite a difference!





I absolutely love it and the colour looks so natural. If your looking for a new hairdresser then I recommend Moodz Hairdressing in Edinburgh. The staff are very very nice and they did such an excellent job (and its so reasonably priced).

NOTE: The hairdresser styled my hair so nicely with curls then it was so windy on the walk home that they all blew out. Oh the trails and tribulations of having really thin hair.