Countryside Blues


My course friends and I hired a wee cottage up north in a village called Comrie, Perth last week. When I say ‘a wee cottage’ I don’t mean in terms of size (it was huge) but that it was so cute! (It’s a Scottish thing). AND the place came with a hot tub! What more could you ask for?





It was a great couple of days away from the city with good food, good friends and a lot of tea and booze.





I would really recommend this place and this town. I have serious country blues now.



Blackberry Jelly

At the weekend, mum and I went on a blackberry hunt whist walking Alfie with the aim of making some blackberry jelly.


We luckily came across lots of lots of untouched blackberry bushes, meaning we got a full tub to make the jam with. I followed the Waitrose blackberry jelly recipe as I am a jam-making novice. The recipe required little ingredients and was easy to follow. All you needed was blackberries, preserving sugar and a lemon.


You begin by boiling the fruit with some water until the berries become soft before adding the sugar and lemon juice and bringing the mixture to the boil.



After the mixture is boiling, you can check the consistency of your jelly by putting a small bit onto a cold plate and seeing if it firms up. When you are happy with the consistency then you need to quickly strain the mixture to get rid of the seeds and pulp before adding it to your jars. Finally, design your labels and ta-dah you’ve got yourself some A class blackberry jelly.

20th Birthday Celebrations

My ‘little’ sister – she’s taller than me – has now reached her second decade.

Friday 7th October

I met mum and Megan in Bruntsfield. We debated which cafe to go to because there are HUNDREDS of potential lunch spots in that area. We then decided on a place we had never been to called 181.  It is a little delicatessens which has a little cafe in the back.


The shop itself is so cute. It sells quirky little food related items and lots of good quality cuts of meat or cheeses with delicious looking cordials. If I had lots of money to burn I would for sure start doing my shopping there.



We sat right by the window. I had a delicious salami sandwich washed down with a hot chocolate and marshmallows.



After munching down our food, we went to the Chocolate Tree to pick up Megan’s birthday cake. Megan is a coeliac and the chocolate tree is one of the few places that do good gluten free cakes. We got her a lemon and raspberry gateau and it was amazing.


Then we headed home for a cup of tea and slice of cake.



After tea and cake it was time to open her presents. I got her Estee Lalondes new book, an afternoon tea for two voucher for the Scotsman and two miniature flavoured alcohols from Hotel Chocolate – salted caramel vodka and coco gin.


The TV program travel man was on the evening, rounding off a fab day.



Escape to the Countryside


This weekend I went on a beautiful autumnal walk along the water of Leith with my mum and my beautiful dog Alfie. It was very refreshing to get out into the country and breathe in the fresh air. It had just been raining so the smell of the cold crisp autumn day surrounded us. We somehow walked for 2 hours, grabbing a quick ice cream on the way home.




After a busy and stressful week it was the perfect way to relax – a bit of light exercise and a bit of fresh air.