10 things that have made me happy this week


  1. The absolute best thing that happened this week was seeing my entire family. It was my Grans 80th birthday and so she flew over to Edinburgh. My Aunt who lives in France and my Uncle and his family who are from Manchester all came and surprised her which was really nice. It is the first time in ages, if not ever that everyone has been together. We went to the resturant Bia Bistro which I couldn’t recommend more!
  2. Finally getting back to my tap classes. I haven’t been in probably about 5 months due to placement!
  3. Riding my bike to uni. It’s the first proper bike ride I have been on since my birthday.
  4. Cooking lots of delicious recipes from my new cooking book – ‘The Detox Kitchen Bible’
  5. Re-watching Bridget Jones (for the 50000000 time).
  6. This lovely Autumn weather. Too hot for a jacket, too cold for a t-shirt.
  7. Getting a job. I cannot tell you how many CVs and application forms I have filled out to hear absolutely nothing back so finally getting an interview and then actually getting a job feels so good!
  8. A trip to the garden centre where I got some new beautiful plants for my windowsill.
  9. Planning a route for my travelling adventures next year! (Obviously it will depend on money and time constraints but having a rough idea is always helpful).
  10. Buying a new shelf from Oliver Bonas (sad I know but home items = life).



The Perfect Autumn Day

I think it’s safe to say Autumn is well and truly here. On Saturday I had the most perfect Autumnal day. The weather was sunny and the air was crisp, it was beautiful. One of my friends was coming up for the weekend from Manchester so we decided to climb Arthur’s Seat because firstly it was a beautiful day and secondly, in all the times he has been here we have never climbed it.

After a fairly long lie it was time for brunch (but it was more a late lunch by the time we actually got our act together). We headed to a restaurant/cafe type place called Knight’s Kitchen. I had heard good things about this cafe and it didn’t disappoint. It is an African themed place which does authentic African food. The food was absolutely amazing. The only thing was the service was a bit slow but as we weren’t in a rush it wasn’t a big deal for us.


After demolishing brunch it was time for a drink. We headed to the Pear Tree to have a beer or two. It was so nice to be able to sit outside and there was a wedding party who were having their reception. The bride looked stunning.


Next we headed to start our ascent up Arthur’s seat. We bought a couple of Gin and Tonics in a can from Tesco to have as a reward once we got to the top. Arthur’s Seat is exhausting to climb, but once you get to the top the views are so worth it.





Finally we got to the top and could enjoy our G&Ts out the can…



As much as I complain about Edinburgh, on a sunny day there is nothing quite like it. It is incredibly beautiful and Arthur’s Seat is a great way of seeing the entire city on a clear day. Although, if you’re going up remember your trainers!

Back to Uni Essentials

Between getting the ‘I don’t have a job’ fear and applying to a million jobs at once whilst trying to get myself in the right frame of mind to begin uni for the LAST EVER YEAR (I hope) I thought the best way to chill myself out was a little bit of retail therapy….in the form of stationary shopping.


Stationary shopping for some unknown reason is my favourite type of shopping. I don’t know if its because stationary is just so pretty or it gives you this weird motivation to work because you want to use your new purchases but whatever it is it feel right.

I will try to link all the things below if they are available online, some things I bought online whilst in Spain and other things I have just accumulated since I got back.

  1. A new ring binder. I got a such a beautiful ring binder with a watercolour flower effect on the cover from Sainsbury’s. I actually think Sainsbury’s do such a lovely selection of stationary for a really good price.
  2. A set of notebooks. I got notebooks from Etsy, these came in a pack of 4. I think these are beautiful. They are A5 size and blank on the inside. These are probably my favourite item that I got.
  3. Highlighters. Now this is really boring but these were on offer in Sainsbury’s and I couldn’t resist.
  4. Flamingo paperclips. These are also from Sainsbury’s (told you they did cool stationary). To be honest, I don’t actually use paperclips but these were so cute I couldn’t resist them!

Confessions of an Au Pair

My time in Spain has almost come to an end and to say the least I am devastated. My month here has been better than I ever expected and the number of wonderful interesting people I met made the trip so great.


What I love about Spain is during the afternoon the town is pretty dead, me being the only one stupid enough to venture out at the time when the temperatures were soaring. But come the evening you can hear the sound of family and friends laughing and chattering, and the delicious smells of food flowing through the streets. And people congregating in the streets, young people in groups and old people sitting on benches with their friends.

The dinner parties were amazing. Copious amounts of food and drinks, all of which was delicious. They last for so long! But not only did I enjoy the dinner parties for the food, drink and company but I loved listening to the Spanish language. It is a beautiful language, I didn’t have a clue how to speak Spanish when I arrived but after a month here I have picked up some words and phrases. I learnt so much in the dinner parties, for example, how to properly taste wine.

Where I was au pairing, a town called Ontinyent about an hour from Valencia, everyone so so friendly. I was clearly an outsider, blonde hair, blue eyes and milk bottle white skin. But people were wonderful, for example, I was at the local swimming pool and the lifeguard came over and introduced herself and gave me her number and then sent me a Whatsapp inviting me to various things with her. I feel like this would never happen where I am from. My family put in my contact with another au pair in the area who was really nice and we did things together most days.



The family I was working for were great, they gave me lots of free time so I was able to do lots of things. And whilst I was there I was able to experience a Spanish festival and it was spectacular. All day and all night there were events for an entire week. The music was amazing, with live bands everywhere playing traditional Spanish music. There were so many parades, I couldn’t see them all but the ones I did see where out of this world. So much effort went into them from the costumes to the dances to the music, it was just amazing. The best part about the entire festival was that you could feel the sense of community and support that the locals gave to the performers whether they were friends, family or just total strangers. It was magical. The parties after the shows were massive, pubs and bars were crowed until 7am! I was lucky enough to experience one of these parties…it was madness but that is what made it so much fun.



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Overall I think my month here in Spain has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Au pairing in general is a good experience but the town I was in plus my amazing family plus my new wonderful friends meant that this experience wasn’t just good, it was great. This is was my last year that I wanted to au pair and I definitely finished on a high. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.