Autumn Outfit Guide

Now that its almost September I thought it would be appropriate to put up an Autumn outfit guide. I have tried to combine the Autumn/Winter ’16 trends with outfits which I would wear/am lusting over right now.

Look One – All Blacks

Details (all items on ASOS, images from ASOS)

Jacket – Vero Moda 

Dress – ASOS

Shoes – New Look 

Look Two – Casual Sunday

Details (images taken from linked websites)

Jacket – Topshop

Bodysuit – Brandy Melville

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – ZARA

Look Three – Holding onto Summer

Details (images taken from linked websites)

Top – Forever 21

Skirt – Olive Clothing

Shoes – London Rebel (ASOS)

Bag – Adidas



Au Pair Q&A

So if you have been reading my blogs for the past while you will be aware that I have been working in Spain as an au pair. I thought that I would write a Q&A, just in case anyone is thinking about becoming an au pair but isn’t so sure what to expect.


How to find a family?

I was thinking about going through an au pair scheme where you were paired with a family by an agency and you had contact with other au pairs in the same place as you. I would have done this but I am so glad I didn’t. You had to pay a fee just to be matched with a family and there are so many websites you can use for free to find your own family.

I used to find a family. It really easy to use – make a profile, search the country you want to go to and how long you want to go for and then families will message you if they are interested. Usually you speak to a couple of families for a while before you Skpye and then you choose which family is best suited for you.

How to choose the right family for you?

I think you will know if you and your family will get along well because of common interests and values. I was torn between two families for a while but one family in particular put in so much effort into giving me information about the area and things to do etc etc so I decided to go with them. And it was the best decision I have ever made.

What happens with pay?

Pay is very dependant upon the family. Au pairs don’t get paid well but if you are doing it for the money then maybe it isn’t the best job for you. You need to remember that you are being giving accommodation and food whilst you are there for free so the money you earn is pretty much spending money.

What can you do in your free time?

Your free time is yours, so really you can do whatever you want within reason. I think it is always best to let the family know what you are doing especially if you decide to go away for the weekend. Some families if they are doing things will invite you along but if you accept remember that you are not technically working but obviously the children will still want to play with you.

How do you know what your responsibilities are as an au pair?

When you first start chatting to a family they usually will say how many hours you will work in a day. But remember you need to be extremely flexible as an au pair because you are living with a family and plans change so your timetable could change very last minute. You need to ask about responsibilities and working hours when you first begin to talk to a family. This means you will know what to expect. Some families want only childcare whereas others are looking more for someone to do childcare and also housework.

If you love learning about other cultures and you are passionate about travelling then au pairing is the perfect solution. It is a great way to be immersed in the traditions and the language of whatever country that you decide to visit.

I am here for a month but I know that I will be so gutted to leave. I have learnt so much in the last week about the language and culture of Spain and I am loving every second of it.

Travel Essentials

I had a quick turn around this week from finishing placement (ays, thought the day would never come) to flying out to Spain. This week I thought it would be good to do a travel essentials post to share with you everything that I need on holiday.

Spain is beautiful and the part I really really love is that during the day its not too busy but when the evening comes ( around 8pm) the sound of chatter and laughing from peoples windows accompanied by the clinking of plates and glasses. Spaniards really do have the most wonderful evenings.

But back to my travel favourites.


Firstly, a good playsuit. I think playsuits are so much better than dresses on holiday probably because I never wear them at home due to the weather. The ones below are from River Island and Adidas.


Secondly, a nice floating light top. These tops are just useful everyday. The top below is from Urban Outfitters.


Thirdly, a floral dress. This dress isn’t very summer however, it is a fairly loose fit and therefore it is just great in the hot weather when you really don’t want to be wearing anything tight. The dress below was actually something I found in the charity shops in Glasgow.


Next on to beauty.


Most of these things are obvious like suncream, nail polish, face masks and hairspray. But sudocrem is a serious must have because it solves all problems. Got a spot – sudocrem, got sunburn – sudocrem, got a bite – sudocrem… I could go on and on…

The other thing which may be a bit different is Berocca. I need Berocca because it reminds me to drink. It is so easy to go abroad and forget to drink water but if you have a cheeky break in the morning or the evening at least you have drank 500mls (which is the amount of water I dilute my Berocca in).

So there we go that is all my essential travel items. Hope you found it helpful.

Exploring the City


This is my final week in Glasgow so last weekend I thought it would be nice to have a look about the city. Friday evening was spent researching nice places to eat, drink coffee and visit before my boyfriend came through from Edinburgh to spend the weekend with me.

Saturday 6th August 

It was so hot so I woke up really early. Cameron was still asleep so I was able to catch up on watching Youtube videos before he woke up.

I am staying in the West End of Glasgow which is full of lovely cafes and restaurants so there is SUCH a big selection to choose from. Once ready and both starving with hunger we walked down the road to ‘The Great Western Sandwich Company’. I went earlier in the week and I was very impressed so I took Cameron along for breakfast. We both ordered Breakfast Burritos, and they were delicious and very filling.



OITNB reference: the salt and pepper shakers were made by a company called Lichfield (we found that very entertaining).


After a fabulous brunch, we headed to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. We arrived just in time to hear the organist playing in the main hall.





This museum is such a beautiful building! It is fairly small but that is probably because I am used to the huge museums in Edinburgh. We didn’t stay too long because it was a lovely day outside so we just went in for a peak and then left. We walked back towards the place I was staying through the Glasgow University campus.


All of a sudden in started raining so we took shelter in Oliver Bonas (dangerous!). Then we headed to the greenhouse in the botanics which was full of hundreds of different types of plants – including cacti (my favs).





The botanics was really nice and once the rain was over we came back to the flat for a rest. In the evening we decided to see Finding Dory at the little independent cinema on Ashton Lane.


Finding Dory is AMAZING. After the film mew were pretty hungry so we met our friend at his new pad before driving back to Ashton Lane to get a burger. More specifically a £5 student deal on any burger at Ketchup. Being a student has its perks.


I got the ‘Bang Bang’ burger which was a chicken burger with a satay sauce. It was so nice. I would be lying if I said we only got burgers. We got two portions of chips, one covered in gravy (mmmmm!) and then one covered in chilli and cheese. SO unhealthy but you’ve got to eat junk food once in while.



Sunday 7th August 

After the longest lie in I have had in weeks (11:30am) it was time for breakfast.

Cameron had to leave in the afternoon and we had to go to Ikea aswell. So we went to a place near to us called Avenue Coffee.


It was here that I tried my first Japanese Matcha latte and it wasn’t the best. It tasted like seaweed and I just really wasn’t a fan. It was served with honey which made it slightly better but I don’t think Ill be getting one again in a hurry. I have been wanting to try it for a while so I’m glad that I did.


Cameron got an Avenue Breakfast which was just a full-english and it was so so good! The wind was absolutely mental today but we were off to Ikea so it didn’t really matter to us. After an afternoon spent looking a furniture I spent the evening watching ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ on Netflix – my newest find and it’s so so funny.


A Trip to the Zoo

Last weekend was meant to be spent exploring Glasgow (where I’m based right now for placement) but due to a change in plans I ended up in Edinburgh.

Can’t really complain thought because it was a bank holiday weekend, meaning I had not two but THREE days off. Yaldi.

It was a great weekend consisting of skateboarding, going to the zoo(!!!) and watching the best series I have ever watched called Stranger Things on Netflix. There is only 8 episodes in the first season so obviously I had to spend the whole of Monday binge watching. And now it is Monday evening and I have no idea what to do with myself.

Processed with MOLDIV

But let me go back to Sunday and my trip to the Zoo…

Sunday 31st July


Surprisingly it was Cameron fantastic idea to go to the zoo and what a great idea it was. After somehow taking three hours to get ourselves organised we finally headed off. Believe me when I say I was ridiculously excited, probably more than most children would be.

The zoo is fairly pricey but it does include a 10% donation to help fund various conservation projects that Edinburgh zoo are involved in. After paying and then having a glance at the map and trying to come up with a sensible route around the zoo, we made it to the first animals – the meerkats.


Meerkats are SO CUTE. I never actually realised but I would definitely have on was a pet if I could. They run about the place and dig and do the classic meerkat thing – standing on their back legs looking about the place.

Next was the flamingos.


Flamingos legs are literally sticks and its actually mind-blowing that it supports their body weight. They did’t do much but they were interesting to see.

After seeing a couple more animals we were starving so went to the cafe and sat outside to have a quick munch before heading off again. I was very concerned that I wouldn’t make the penguin parade so was getting slightly antsy!

The route we had taken made no sense so we went back to the start of the zoo to try and see the animals we had missed out on the way to the penguin enclosure.

The pandas at the zoo, who are pretty much celebs were inside because it was breeding time so they wanted a fairly quiet atmosphere for them. So we walked through the outside of their enclosure but there was nothing really to see.

Next up the penguins!! I ended up being in the front row during the parade and I was so excited.



The zookeepers only let out the penguins that want to come out, they aren’t forced. There was only 3 penguins that came out but it meant that you got a really good look at them. After the parade it was feeding time. There were two people doing some sort of experience day or something and they were getting to help feed the penguins and I was insanely jealous.


Processed with MOLDIV

After the penguins, there was a talk at the rhino enclosure so we went over to that. Rhinos have the weirdest lips. They have massive top lip and its actually really funny. They scoop the food into their mouth using the lip.


After the rhino we explored the monkey enclosures. I love monkeys and there is a certain breed who in particular were my favourite because they were so energetic and just so entertaining and fascinating to watch. Can’t remember the name of the breed through which is annoying but just means I’ll have to have another trip to the zoo soon.

Processed with MOLDIV

After visiting the Chimps, there was a ‘Meet the insects’ workshop. Cameron was so keen for this, me not so much. There were two different types of insect which the zookeepers were handing out to members of the audience to hold. I managed to hold a cockroach although as soon as the zookeeper put it into my hand I really regretted it. After cockroaches there was GIANT stick insects. I really didn’t like these but Cameron was loving life.


Next we went to the top of the zoo where the larger animals were kept such as zebra, lions and tapirs. I didn’t like seeing these animals as much because they were either really difficult to see or they weren’t as interesting to watch. Although I must say zebras are so beautiful.



There was loads and loads of different species to see and actually after being at the zoo I did think that the price was very representative of the quality of the visit. The food was not overpriced at all either which was a bonus. You learn a lot about animals swell, especially as an adult as you actually read the plaques telling you about each animals whereas when you are a child you don’t. After seeing all the different animals I really want to adopt one. Trying to decide which one is my next challenge…