We are all Graduates

Yet again I was up in St Andrews this weekend having a rendez-vous with my newly graduated friends.

Saturday 25th June 

Today the last of our best friends graduated so of course the rest of us had to go up and help them celebrate. When we arrived first on the agenda was food and watching the Euros football. We were cheering on Northern Ireland as some of us are either from there or have roots there but unfortunately it was 1-0 to Wales due an own goal, awkward.

The gals left to start preparing for the ball as we take a LOT more time to get ready than the boys. So off we went to start doing our hair and make up whilst the boys stayed at the pub.


Once we were all ready we arrived 2.5 hours after the ball actually started but it was because we were having so much fun at the flat. We arrived and headed to the bar for some drinks and a dance. The music was good, there was some great old classics being played which, in my opinion, are the best songs on a night out.


The venue was really cool – a massive marque complete with ice sculptures! There was outside seating as well with food vans selling burgers. Thankfully the weather was fairly nice and warm so the outside area was in full use.


Our friend Chris had to organise the entire event which must have been already stressful but then the evening before the ball Sean Kingston the headline act cancelled. Poor Chris was up to high heavens stressing and phoning agents to try to secure a different act. Unfortunately he couldn’t get anybody at such short notice. But everyone was offered a free drink instead.

Sunday 26th June

This was such a great day. Coffee and food run happened quickly after we woke up. Then we all walked to the beach along the costal path. The weather was absolutely beautiful and so hot! We walked past the castle and the cathedral and had an ice cream stop at a little cafe beside the beach.




One the traditions in St Andrews University is to pier jump. We walked along the pier and looked up high tide times but the tide wasn’t going to be high enough until around 7ish so we had quite a while to wait.




Next stop was the beach. It turned quite cloudy and cold very quickly. The boys ran into the sea and then soon after decided to go for a swim – even though by this time it was freezing!



When we got back, Sophia had to leave to go home to Glasgow. We really wanted a group photo because we have never had a photo that we are all in so we finally got one taken, only 5 years late. But of course, true to the nature of Scotland the rain was bouncing off the pavements.


Another coffee stop before the boys decided it was time to pier jump so we headed down to the pier. By this time it had turned out to be a fairly nice evening so it was pretty sweet and the boys seemed to have a ball. There was nobody else there except a friendly local fisherman offering us fish for our tea.


I leant one very important lesson this weekend: the weather in Scotland is so changeable that a raincoat and suntan lotion are handbag essentials.

Note: I am still extremely burnt from my 2 hour exposure to the sun.


10 things that have made me happy this week

One more week until I am on holiday, the countdown is on. This has been a really good, positive week for me so here are some of the things that have made this week so great.

  1. Renewing my Hellofresh subscription. After I cancelled my subscription after being in Dundee I really missed the ease of cooking. Never mind the unbelievably delicious meals.
  2. Seeing a friend after A YEAR of being apart. Even though we live a 40 minute train journey away we haven’t had time to meet due to uni and general life.
  3. Learning how to skateboard. I just took a notion the other day to try it out and actually it is really fun Its extremely hard though, I’m not sure I have the balance for it.
  4. Enjoying placement (finally). Last week was great, I finally felt like all the theory I had been taught at uni came together and I could apply it to the practical work.
  5. Sunny Saturdays spent walking with my family and dog Alfie. The only sunny day of the week was a weekend and I was so thankful. I was desperate for some sun.
  6. Making birthday invitations to my Mad Hatters Tea Party. I love art and it was great to be able to make my own personalised invitations.
  7. The release of OITNB season 4. Words cannot describe how great this series is. If you haven’t seen it, please watch.
  8. Half day Fridays. It just feels so good to get away early.
  9. My eBay top arriving. To be honest anytime I get a package through the post its amazing and I get really excited.
  10. Rereading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What a great book


Saturday 11th June

This Saturday I took part in Gung-Ho, a 5K run in the meadows for Children in Need with inflatable obstacles all the way around. And let me tell you it was probably the most fun thing I have done all year.

I ran with some friends, two came from Glasgow whom I hadn’t seen for ages and it was such an amazing event for everyone to get together again.


There was hundreds of people there with loud music, all making for a great atmosphere. Even pudsy made an appearance. We were given a quick zumba-esque warm-up before we set off.


The run itself didn’t feel like a 5K because of all the obstacles on the way which gave a break from running. The obstacles were so much fun, especially the huge trampolines and the massive slide at the end which lead into a foam pit.






There was loads of food trucks and an ice cream van which we obviously couldn’t resist.


After demolishing the ice cream, we headed home along with our finishers t-shirts and headbands to de-foam ourselves before heading out for a well deserved meal.


I think it’s safe to say that we are all very excited to do it again next year!


Old habits die hard

Weeks 6 and 7 of placement have taken me back to where it all began – good old Dundee.


The weather has been glorious since I arrived and so what better way to catch up with my favourite humans than a mid-week evening picnic in the park.

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After a trying to be healthy picnic supply run where Nutella filled Krispy Kreme doughnuts were a must, we headed over to Camperdown – a lovely grassy park which was fairly quiet minus a few families playing ball games.


Copious amounts of food was eaten as we chatted like we had never been apart. Letting the diet slip for one evening was well worth it.





And the best part of all… A BABY PUG WAS ON ITS FIRST WALK AND WE GOT BABY PUG CUDDLES. It was magical, we all fell in love.





Roll on the weekend.


Thank God for half day Fridays. This Friday I was invited to the Dundee University Summer Staff Party so before a couple of us headed to a bar for some drinks and dinner.

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I mean as you can see we got an absolute feast to share (probably the most ridiculously unhealthy thing in all the world but also the most delicious, diet ruined) but it only came to £3 each – bargain! Then onto the party we went. There was a BBQ, free ice cream. pimp your prosecco and karaoke. It was so much fun although we didn’t actually know anyone there. I tried to look out for some of my lecturers from last year but none of them attended.



After a while at the party we decided to move and go to a gin bar in Forfar. It was mobbed but luckily we got a seat quite quickly. The bar was so nice, I got a strawberry flavoured gin – delish.


We were all so tired after having been up early and the day was so busy so we then went for a cheeky McDonalds (diet ruined again) before heading home.

The friends house that I was staying at had her last day on Friday and she was given these beautiful vividly coloured lilies. To get this effect you add food colouring into the water of white lilies and they take it up and it turns the flowers different colours. I think it’s amazing so couldn’t help but mention it in this blog post!


I’ve had such a great time in Dundee as I do every time I come. It’s so hard saying my goodbyes all over again but I suppose that happens whenever life moves on to the next chapter.