10 things that have made me happy this week

This past week has been jam-packed for me with one thing or another. So here are my top 10 things which have made me happy this week.

  1. The Weather. Yes I know the weather has been terrible recently and it does dampen your mood however, when you are cosied up in front of a really good film or reading a really good book and all you can hear is rain pattering against the window and winds blowing a gail outside you do feel very content with life.
  2. Going out for a spontaneous dinner. And it’s even better when there is a two courses for £10 deal on.
  3. The arrival of my Birchbox. This is the part of the month I look forward to the most and it is definitely the best £10 a month that I spend. If you are unfamiliar with the Birchbox, it is a tiny little box which comes each month with four or five beauty items in it which could be anything from make-up to skincare to haircare.
  4. Spending time with Alfie (my dog). Nothing beats a good cuddle with your dog especially if you have a dog like mine, bursting with personality.
  5. Finding my chocolate orange given to me by Santa at Christmas and then eating it all at once.
  6. Getting both a free Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate AND a free Murad express facial with freebies afterwards (thank God for mothers).
  7. Playing with the filters on Snapchat. Immature but still hilarious.
  8. Finally being able to wear my ‘new’ shoes out of the house – and by new I mean bought a month ago but not being able to wear them due to the weather and the fact the rain would just ruin them.
  9. Long walks. I love walking, I would walk everywhere if I could. Even in the rain.
  10. Organising to visit friends who I haven’t seen in ages. The next couple of weekends are going to be busy!

New Beginings?

January. For most people a time of setting unrealistic new goals – I am no different.

Sitting on the sofa on the 1st January, watching Bridget Jones for a third time consecutively   I made all the usual resolutions: do more exercise, eat more healthily, travel more, work harder at uni… then come the 7th January all these resolutions were broken.

As you read this, you may feel discussing New Year’s resolutions is a bit late considering its mid-way through January. However, Monday proved to be a day of thought where I decided to make resolutions to help me grow as a person throughout the year and put the challenges of 2015 in the past. These resolutions involved becoming more positive and optimistic about life in general, explore new hobbies, make new friends and read more.

Looking at things more positively will not only benefit me mentally but will also result in me growing into a more content individual. Last year I lusted over travel so much so that I hated being in my hometown, a beautiful city with so much history and culture. Reflecting on my experiences and feelings will convey to myself how I am developing over the year regarding my attitude towards life and fingers crossed others will be able to see it too.

Exploring new hobbies is very important to me. I enjoy many different things but since growing up haven’t set aside the time to continue my learning and experience new activities. I enjoy most things creative so today I enrolled in an adult Tap Class for 10 weeks. I am so so excited to begin this. Finding new hobbies ties in with meeting new people, my next resolution. Meeting new people is important as everybody teaches you something and I must say there is nothing better than finding funny, interesting people to chat to.

There is nothing like the feeling of starting a new book. From the smell, to the feel of the pages – its just magical. 2015 was a bad year for me in terms of reading and this I regret. This year I will put aside time each day for reading, even if it is only ten minutes. I am going to join Emma Watsons feminist book club ‘Our Shared Shelf’ as this is a great way to be reminded to read as well as discussing books with fellow readers.

Hopefully I will be able to stick to these second set of resolutions. I am feeling determined so far but we will see what happens…